Type To Learn At School & Home

Type To Learn At School & Home
Posted on 04/20/2018

The Educational Technology Department is pleased to announce that the Type to Learn® 4 typing instruction program is now available for use at school & home by all students enrolled in Palm Beach County Schools. There is a link for your ITSA/STSC to use to install it on multiple computers at your school. There are also links for home use for MAC and Windows platforms.

Click Here to go to the Type to Learn® 4 Download Page

Type to Learn® 4 keyboarding software has more than 100 lessons, 5 engaging, skill-targeted typing games with each lesson, and 7 diagnostic, formative, and summative assessment. A diagnostic typing pre-test assesses students' existing keyboarding skills and places them at a certain typing lesson matching their abilities. The typing pre-test also analyzes students' starting speed and accuracy, setting personalized achievement goals for the program teaching them how to type more efficiently. Each keyboarding lesson includes:

  • Home row reinforcement
  • Warm-up exercise
  • Review of previously learned keys
  • Demonstration of new keys
  • Practice exercises
  • Testing